Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac or properly referred to as ‘bitmac’ is generally the cheapest way to surface your driveway, but only when an area of a certain size is to be covered, as smaller areas can work out more expensive. Whilst it is not as pleasing on the eye as block paving it is suitable for areas to be trafficked such as driveways, and to a lesser extent, pathways.

Tradewise are professional bitmac driveway installers. We understand that it is imperative that the surface to be covered is clean, sound and free of organic material. Bitmac cannot be laid over a cracked or unsound base as any joins or cracks will result in the new surface failing.

This “Reflective Cracking” is a result of cutting corners and poor workmanship, which does not happen with driveways installed by Tradewise Home Improvements Ltd.